Rant of the day – no reply

E-mail, text, twitter,facebook,i-phones, blackberries.

Isn’t all this communication wonderful? No, actually. It’s supposed to be a two-way street, but it’s too easy to ignore someone’s missive these days. Without checking, I could name you at least twenty e-mails to which I have no reply and to which I am sure I will receive none. Job applications, casual enquiries, e-mails that have gone out into the ether. There’s a Bermuda Triangle out there, swallowing them all up.

Except there isn’t, of course. It’s just that we have created a marvellous system of sending information, requests etc but at the same time we have abandoned the etiquette of replying. It’s entirely acceptable to just ignore anything you receive.

Imagine if when someone said “Hallo” to you in the street and you just ignored them? Where’s the difference in ignoring an e-mail? By now, you’re probably shrugging your shoulders, thinking that I am too sensitive. Maybe I am. But maybe I’m not.


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